About emccan

In 2011 Derby, Leicester and Nottingham Caribbean Carnivals and Northampton Carnival formalised a partnership through the creation of East Midlands Caribbean Carnival Arts Network (EMCCAN). Since then they have worked together to provide mutual support, and also to enhance the development of Caribbean carnival and carnival with a Caribbean flavour in the East Midlands. EMCCAN supports and encourages better practice and increasing artistic and management quality for East Midland Caribbean carnivals and provides leadership to the sector.

The Directors of EMCCAN  comprise two volunteer representatives from each Carnival and four independent members and the organisation is supported by Chief Executive, Donna Fox, based at Derby West Indian Community Centre. In the last few years, EMCCAN  has succesfully become an Arts Council England national portfolio organisation and is established as a not-for-profit community interest company.

As well as acting as an umbrella organisation for the region’s four carnival’s, EMCCAN organises an annual Regional Queen Show (coordinated by each carnival partner on a rotating annual basis) and an annual regional carnival magazine. In more recent year’s the organisations output has grown to include a national carnival conference and carnival tour. As an organisation EMCCAN is always looking for  new and innovative ways to support, develop and share carnival arts in the region and beyond.

EMCCAN has become a model of good practice for the carnival arts sector and shares experiences and progress with other carnival organisations around the country. The carnivals have become recognised on a national level for displaying outstanding talent in costume design, making, dance and music genre through the Strategic Tour supported by ACE, conferences and networking opportunities. New partnerships have been established with non arts organisations, which has given carnival a new platform to demonstrate magnificent costumes and performances from around the region.