Northampton Carnival

  • Northampton Carnival has had strong traditions within the town from its great old history in the 1960’s through the midsummer meadow times in the 1980’s, to its short break in the late 1990’s and revival in June 2005. It is now led and organised by Northampton Carnival Arts Consortium, an independent, unincorporated voluntary association. The carnival aims to bring together all of the communities in the town to celebrate and party and to share community beliefs and culture.

    The Carnival in June each year has brought colour, noise, amazing costumes and great characters along for the family to see on each occasion. The atmosphere generated by Northampton Carnival has led to huge crowds advertising the town as one of the best in the country for carnivals.


    Other carnival communities from the UK regularly join in to to give the carnival a national feel, with more faces and colours it really gives Northampton Carnival a sense of life. The objectives are simply to spread the spirit of the communities of Northampton through many art forms, so that those either taking part or watching the event can feel a sense of enjoyment that they have participated in a truly magical community event.


    Northampton Carnival has a long tradition as a celebratory local event, with a photograph as early as 1914 showing a float going past Northampton Guildhall. In the 1970s and early 1980s the carnival parade took place during the week and started in the evening after tea time, but was later switched to Sunday afternoons. Midsummer Meadow and Abington Park had become the assembly points for carnival by 1996, but the event ceased in the late 1990’s.  A multicultural Roots and Culture Fest event took the place of carnival to 2004, but the carnival event was successfully revived in 2005 with a base in Delapre Park and the theme of Celebrate Masquerade.

    Since 2005 Northampton has once again been able to celebrate an annual carnival extravaganza, a multicultural event with a flavour of the Caribbean. The current carnival takes place in June and includes concerts, events, community stalls and a fair ground in Delapre Park, with a carnival procession through the town centre including the Abington Street pedestrianised area.

  • Northampton Carnival will return to ‘Celebrate the Wonder of Nature’ on Saturday 10th June. This year’s theme ‘Celebrate the Wonder of Nature’ promises to make for a spectacular parade full of vibrant and creative costumes and floats. Meanwhile, the park venue will once again offer a range of stage performances, various stalls and entertainment to amuse […]

    11 January 2017
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