emccan supports and encourages better practice and increases artistic and management quality for East Midlands Caribbean carnivals and provides leadership to the wider carnival sector. The Directors of emccan comprise two volunteer representatives from each Carnival and four independent members and the organisation is supported by Chief Executive, Donna Fox, based at Sneinton Market in Nottingham. In the last few years, emccan has successfully become an Arts Council England national portfolio organisation and is established as a not-for-profit community interest company.

As well as acting as an umbrella organisation for the regions four carnivals, EMCCAN organises an annual Regional Queen Show (coordinated by each carnival partner on a rotating annual basis) and an annual regional carnival magazine. In more recent years the organisations output has grown to include a national carnival conference and UK carnival tour as well as an education programme. As an organisation EMCCAN is always looking for new and innovative ways to support, develop and share carnival arts in the region and beyond.

EMCCAN has become a model of good practice for the carnival arts sector and shares experiences and progress with other carnival organisations around the country. The carnivals have become recognised on a national level for displaying outstanding talent in costume design, making, dance and music genre through the Strategic Tour supported by ACE, conferences and networking opportunities. New partnerships have been established with non-arts organisations to give carnival a new platform to demonstrate magnificent costumes and performances from around the region.



The EMCCAN partnership also involves collaboration on an informative Carnival brochure. The brochure provides an opportunity to share news and information about each of the carnival partners, and presents a range of valuable material about the development of carnival across both the UK and the world. As an Autumn/Winter publication the brochure allows EMCCAN to shout about the carnival season just gone, through vibrant images, reflective writings and feedback from participants and audience members.

Carnival Brochure

The first collaborative Carnival Magazine was created for the 2011 season with 10,000 copies of a 24 page full colour publication distributed across the region. A digital brochure is now produced and virtual carnivals are also shared online through emccanvirtual.org. Plans for 2012 onwards include creating an electronic version for widespread downloading and dissemination. Each individual carnival continues to produce their own pre-event leaflets or brochures ahead of the carnival season.

Who’s Who?

Key Staff and Volunteers
Donna Fox - Chief Executive emccan.donna@aol.com
Maddie Johnson - Project Coordinator emccan.maddie@aol.co.uk
Mark Evans - Operations Manager emccan.mark@aol.com

emccan Board Directors

Dennis Sugar Christopher EMCCAN Chairman & Leicester Caribbean Carnival
Nezrine Hudson MBE EMCCAN Treasurer, Derby Caribbean Carnival
Hopeton Walker Independent Board Director
Lemuel Andy Lucas Leicester Caribbean Carnival
Richard Renwick MBE EMCCAN Secretary, Nottingham Carnival Chair
Morcea Walker MBE Northampton Carnival Chair
Nathifa Jordan Independent Board Director
Ansel Wong Independent Board Director
Myrle Roach Northampton Carnival
Samantha Hudson Derby Caribbean Carnival
Jeremy Prince Nottingham Carnival