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The EMCCAN partnership also involves collaboration on an informative Carnival brochure. The brochure provides an opportunity to share news and information about each of the carnival partners, and presents a range of valuable material about the development of carnival across both the UK and the world. As an Autumn/Winter publication the brochure allows EMCCAN to shout about the carnival season just gone, through vibrant images, reflective writings and feedback from participants and audience members.

Carnival Brochure

The first collaborative Carnival Magazine was created for the 2011 season with 10,000 copies of a 24 page full colour publication distributed across the region. A digital brochure is now produced and virtual carnivals are also shared online through Plans for 2012 onwards include creating an electronic version for widespread downloading and dissemination. Each individual carnival continues to produce their own pre-event leaflets or brochures ahead of the carnival season.