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  • ARTICLE POSTED ON October 18, 2017

EMCCAN lights up Derby Festé

On Friday 29th September, we had the privilege of being invited to attend Derby’s biggest festival event; Derby Feste. This enormous cultural celebration spans over two days and incorporated a vast array of art forms all combining to bring the theme of ‘Circus’. Together acts creates a truly thrilling and entertaining experience for people from all walks of life.

Taking the Caribbean parade to the core of the festivities, we presented our show stopping costumes from Leicester Caribbean Carnival, Derby’s Cultural Roots Carnival Troupe and City Arts ‘Flying Free’ bird puppets. These already beautifully crafted pieces were further enhanced with lights to give them an additional explosion of colour, creating a mesmerising visual impact once the sun had set, and the night sky took over.

They quickly grasped the attention of the people attending and it was not long before they were rushing to take pictures of the fantastic costumes, dancing along with the music and following the parade as it made its way around the Bass Recreational Park.

More information about Derby Festé can be found here

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